Save Money. Save Time. Be Safe.

Put your customers at ease and make your lives easier by putting empowering your customers to use their smart devices as menus.

How It Works for Restaurants:

  1. Input your menu in your MenuSavvy account
  2. Print QR code yourself or our team will ship you QR code stickers and tabletop displays
  3. Display your QR code in your restaurant--we recommend putting it by the front door, at the hostess stand, and at your tables
  4. As your customer points their mobile camera at a QR code, they are prompted to view your menu right on the phone or smart device

Benefits for You:

  • Intuitive: It’s easy and intuitive for your customers to access
  • Safe: Eliminates the need for physical menus, which prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria
  • Green: Avoid the need to use and sanitize plastic menus, or to print and discard paper menus
  • Save Money: Save on printers, ink, and paper by taking your menu fully digital. Using plastic menus makes them expensive to update, and requires regular use of sanitation sprays and wipes to keep them clean.
  • Regulation Compliant: Some states are banning reusable plastic menus, so a digital menu allows
  • Save Time and Effort on Updating: Change Menus easily and universally from your computer.
  • Flexible: There will be a print option if so you have the ability to print out some paper menus for customers without smart phones while staying in sync with the menu smart phone users see.